The memories of a beautiful journey on incredible tracks and breathtaking landscapes, riding the most dreamed bikes by two-wheel lovers. This was the experience of the participants in the RIDE 5 PHOTO JOURNEY – BEYOND THE SHOTS contest, whom we would like to thank once again for the wonderful contributions they sent us.

Our jury of experts selected the winning shots, realized with the RIDE 5 photo mode. We have collected them in this beautiful digital artbook which you can download for free here.

We also thank the artists who inspired us with their fantastic works: Davide Di Tria, Steve Wyper e Leo Sang. You will find their works in the e-book, together with those of the winners:

  • Adriano_GT39
  • g3
  •  Witlox
  • Dannyb1301
  • loser
  • Benni0v0
  • Biker Gominha
  • 色鼠噗啾
  • caveman­_vp
  • demorefare
  • DudeFB[PT]
  • Gorkal1ty
  • Estar_ter
  •  a__C-Tek__­­­­­­­­
  • bineferino
  • beruk74
  • martyn24
  • Matteo Baiocchi
  • Nerdb.y
  • Palli_M1997
  • parmindernangla
  • feigau
  • ROBO46
  • RaceBox-l-42ins
  • Kleizeur
  • whatthevic
  • SgtB1|1d0

RIDE5 PHOTO JOURNEY - Beyond the Shots Ebook