PS5 (01.018.000), Xbox Series S/X (, EPIC, STEAM

Hello, riders!

It’s been almost five months since RIDE 5 has been launched. We followed your steps into the game, listened to your opinion, and treasured both your suggestions and criticisms. We have worked relentlessly to further shape the game, following your feedback, and we’re finally here: to one of the most relevant patches.

 It brings a lot of changes, but also new additions we would like to talk about. One is the online side of the Race Creator, and the other is the Riding School.

In RIDE 5 we added the Race Creator to let the players create, as the name suggests, their own races. 

It was a huge step forward at launch, compared to the previous entry in the series, but thanks to this patch the feature has been refined to be even more community-oriented: from now on, players can share their competitions online so others can download them. Let me show you how it works.

Once you enter the Race Creator feature, you first notice that something has changed. There are now two more tabs: Download Online Competitions speaks for itself, you use it to find and download competitions made by others; Top Competitions, on the other hand, shows the most downloaded ones. 

We have created a few new competitions to let the players enjoy something new while they wait for others to create and share. From launch till now, everything created in the Race Creator was for offline only. 

Now, you can share your competitions with other players and also download what they’ve created, so you’ll never really run out of new challenges. You can also add a logo to your competitions!

Yes, another significant addition to the Race Creator is that you can customize your competitions with a logo you have created for the purpose, and also share it so other players can download it – this, of course, means that you can download others’ logos as well. 

The logo will be among the first things you can choose when you create a competition. In addition, you can change your rivals’ names and their info, such as the nationality. 

What’s more important, though, is that you can do all of this with events created by using customized suits, helmets and liveries – made by yourselves or downloaded. There are no limits to what you can done.

Once you set up all you need for your competition, you can save it or save and play it, like before, but also share it online. You’ll find it in the “My Competitions” tab, and you can decide anytime to remove it from the shared ones.

That’s it! The possibility to share your competitions online was one of the major points of this patch, and we’re sure it’ll give a new twist to the game among the community.

But we’re not done yet. The second major point we want to discuss is the Riding School. This is an entirely new game mode in which you can put yourself to the test over all the tracks in the game, bit by bit: every track is divided into four sectors, with their specific times to beat and related medals (bronze, silver, gold). Once you obtain at least a bronze medal in every sector, you’ll unlock the final challenge: a complete lap to beat within the set time.

We have chosen one variant per track, and a specific bike to ride, so every track’s feature will stand out properly. We know that RIDE 5 can be very challenging, especially with the Time Attacks if you want to get them right: knowing how to handle specific portions of the tracks is the key to mastering them from start to finish, that’s why we decided to add the Riding School but also make it a challenge itself. 

Where would the fun be otherwise?

  • Released new game mode: Riding School
  • Reworked Race Creator mode 
  • Added Race creator preset sharing 
  • New cutscenes: pitbox in pre race career events
  • Time attack in Career now has unlimited laps
  • Looping tab bar in Editor sticker selection pages 
  • Improved information on how to unlock Bike settings options 
  • Added more aggressive rider animation on start 
  • Improved first person cameras
  • Anticheat steam and epic 
  • Minor fixes