by Andrea Basilio – Head of Game Design & Associate Creative Director

Since day one, the history of the RIDE franchise has been one of a kind. Not many people know this, but the decision to launch the series was not made, as usually happens, with a specific marketing goal. It was the developers themselves who pushed our management to create a game that could embrace the passion for motorcycles in its purest form. The RIDE franchise is the glaring result of the riding spirit that drives Milestone.

Seven years after the first chapter, RIDE 5 promises to go beyond racing. Fans have always appreciated the variety of bikes and tracks, as well as the lifelike graphics, but this time we wanted to make it more personal. RIDE 5 will thus immerse players in a comprehensive world where they will live their own riding journey, as they would if they could travel the world to race in the best location, with their dream bikes. For the first time in the series, they will face recurrent rivals with specific backgrounds, they will have a dedicated headquarter with mechanics and equipment, and there will even be a photographer ready to capture their best moments on the track.

Also, as the first New-Gen only Milestone game, RIDE 5 relies on cutting-edge technology to make the gaming experience even more realistic. This will be particularly evident when looking at the skies, which are now based on 3D procedural clouds to offer players the most breathtaking views. Leaning into a turn facing the sun has never been so majestic and realistic. We have also implemented a Dynamic Weather System to generate realistic weather changes during races, thus adding a strategic dimension to the racing experience. 

As thrilling as they are, such features are not even the thing I am most proud of. Indeed, our fans have always been very demanding and loud in making their desires heard. We have a very hardcore community that seeks the same excitement they get on a real motorcycle; riding a bike is the essence of freedom, adrenaline, and audacity. Emotions, to put it simply.

Emotions are what RIDE 5 is committed to deliver. Regardless of their initial level, everybody will be able to unleash their love for the two wheels, with no barriers. An enhanced set of riding aids will ease the learning curve and the new Race Creator feature will allow the creation of unlimited customized racing scenarios.

Lots of bikers have always dreamed of racing on the bikes they’ve only seen on TV, perhaps in historic races like the Suzuka 8 Hours or the Bol d’Or. 

Now, it’s time to fasten your helmet and live the most authentic riding simulation ever.