The RIDE 5 – Short Track Pack includes:
– Husqvarna FS 450 (2022)
– KTM 450 SMR (2022)
– Italjet Dragster 200 CC (2022)
– Italjet Dragster 200 CC Racing Modified (2022)
– TM SMX Supermotard Competizione (2022)
– Track: Blue Wave Arena


Short tracks like Blue Wave Arena stand for just one thing: drifting!

Navigate through the supermotard world with outstanding samples like the 450 SMR: with its blue saddle and orange frame in KTM’s unmistakable style, and its 63 hp, it led to victory at the 2022 AMA Supermoto.
Let loose on the track with the Husqvarna FS 450, without sacrificing top performance!
The TM SMX Supermotard Competizione is the perfect example of a “ready to race” bike – optimal for track racing.
If you prefer sports scooters, the Italjet Dragster 200 CC and its Racing Modified version have been designed with naked superbikes in mind – both bring plenty of adrenaline onto the track!