The RIDE 5 – Rebel Pack includes:

  • Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory E5 – Racing Modified (2021)
  • Yamaha YZF-R7 (2022)


Jump in the saddle and leave your mark on the tarmac with the RIDE 5 – Rebel Pack!

Want to stand out from the crowd? The aggressive YZF-R7 is for you! With its twin-cylinder CP2 engine and the ultra-light chassis, it’s ready to take on any mid-size engine Supersports!

689cc not enough for you? How about 1077cc? We’re not talking about any old bike, but a Factory: a name that guarantees great performance from Aprilia. And the Tuono V4 certainly lives up to its lineage. This hypernaked bike takes the racing features of a supersport and turns them up to 11 thanks to its new aluminum swingarm with lower reinforcement trusses. 

Discover your rebellious streak to the roar of its 175 hp!


This DLC is not included in the Season Pass.