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Full bikes list is here!

Today we are proud to announce that Ride 2 will include 174 motorcycles, including 16 modifiable models for a total of 190 bikes. Players will have therefore the opportunity to saddle up to nakeds, superbikes, supersports, electric bikes, and why not, on the many two-stroke, racers café and the already mentioned supermotos – which are this year’s real innovation.

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GAMESCOM 2016: unveiled all tracks and game modes

All tracks which will be present in Ride 2 and all game modes, which cannot fail to excite even the most demanding gamer and motorcyclist, guaranteeing a unique gaming experience in its kind, will be unveiled and demonstrated at GAMESCOM 2016.

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Announcing Team vs Team events

The Team vs Team events are a completely new feature we added in Ride 2 that will make the most of the potential of the Virtua Riders we talked about last week. This type of race can be selected from a dedicated menu, completely detached from the career, that will contain the list of the teams to play against and climb the ranking.

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