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All free and premium DLCs unveiled!

Many of you are already loving Ride 2 as it is. But we know you want more, right? We are very proud to disclose our DLC plan for Ride 2, which includes 15 DLCs from now until July 2017, with a rich selection of free content. Besides the already available Limited Edition Bikes Pack, we […]

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Patch 3 is available!

Patch 3 is finally out on all platforms! Thanks for reporting bugs and providing feedback: inside this post you can find the complete fixlist of this patch which solves some bugs and issues. Please keep on sending your feedback through our customer support page.

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Limited Edition Bikes Pack DLC now available!

The Limited Edition Bikes Pack is the first Premium DLC for Ride 2, and it offers six of the all-time most iconic bikes in an exclusive package.

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