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Push your limits with the complete Ride 2 Achievements/Trophies list

Tuning one of the 174 motorcycle featured in Ride 2, getting ready for a breathtaking race in one of the 30 circuits and cross the finish line first is a big challenge. But we know that, for many players, even the thrill of unlocking all the achievements of a game is important. So, to appease the curiosity of who is already determined to win every challenge, it is with great pleasure that we reveal the full list of Achievements / Trophies available in Ride 2.

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Find your perfect fit

Vehicles customization has always been one of the main aspects of Ride's gameplay, and with this second chapter we've taken a step forward. After buying a vehicle, you will have access to a customization menu similar to the one of the first episode, yet featuring way more working parts, both performance-related and purely aesthetic.

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Full bikes list is here!

Today we are proud to announce that Ride 2 will include 174 motorcycles, including 16 modifiable models for a total of 190 bikes. Players will have therefore the opportunity to saddle up to nakeds, superbikes, supersports, electric bikes, and why not, on the many two-stroke, racers café and the already mentioned supermotos – which are this year’s real innovation.

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