2 July 2020


Are you ready to take a deeper look at the new RIDE 4?

Welcome to the first episode of Inside RIDE 4, an exciting behind the scenes to discover the secrets of the game.

You will learn how we re-created from scratch the most acclaimed modern and classic motorcycles,

with a revised production process based on new scanning techniques, and the greatest attention to the sounds and physics to give you the feeling of riding a real bike.

Follow the next episodes to find out how we gave life to the most beloved tracks and how you can live the emotions of the Endurance mode.

Discover the long process of integration of A.N.N.A., our advanced AI, to create worthy neural rivals for you and enjoy the freedom offered by our new graphics editors for a level of customization never seen before.

And so much more…

Start your journey into the world of RIDE 4 now!