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Patch 4 is available!


Patch 4 is finally out on all platforms! Thanks for reporting bugs and providing feedback, and here’s the fixlist.

  • Introduced anti-cheating measures for lap times. The following events invalidate lap times:
  • *Running out of track on surfaces like grass, gravel for more than 3 meters / 9.8 feet.
    *Hitting barriers or AI riders.
    *Running out of the track on tarmac, getting away from the track borders for more than 2.5 meters / 8.2 feet.
    *Any of the above infractions in the last 500 meters / 0.31 miles of one lap will also invalidate the following one.
  • Invitational events are no longer mandatory when all of them have been gold medaled
  • Added “Garage” shortcut from World Tour Events bike selection menu
  • Fix Weekly Challenge supermoto’s plate number
  • Fix on Showroom button that was not working on first and last bike in dealership
  • Fixed “unavailable bike” issue while resuming Championships on World Tour Events
  • Fixed issue about manual gearbox in Time Attack mode
  • Fixed issue about supermoto rider gear customization
  • Removed customization option from rented bikes
  • Various fixes on bike 3D models

  • The anti-cheating system is something entirely new for Ride 2, and it’s been created to answer to many feedbacks from you all. We will soon proceed with the wipe of all leaderboards, to set a clean slate. Please keep us updated on issues you should find along the way, as always we value your input.

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