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Vehicles customization has always been one of the main aspects of Ride’s gameplay, and with this second chapter we’ve taken a step forward. After buying a vehicle, you will have access to a customization menu similar to the one of the first episode, yet featuring way more working parts, both performance-related and purely aesthetic. The purpose – of course – is to find the right balance for each one of your road beasts, and prepare them better for the challenges they will face, as well as dressing your rider in the best way for every situation.

Specifically¬†for this reason, we have brought the total number of working parts from 800 to over 1200, while the number of garment pieces has increased from 400 to over 800. All of this in order to ensure much more freedom in beautifying and enhancing your garage. Particularly, you will be able to complete your rider’s look with new brands that weren’t included in the first Ride.

Add to that the Race Modification, an absolutely new feature of Ride 2: 16 selected models (6 supersport bikes and 10 superbikes) can be converted from stock vehicles to circuit beasts, with both cosmetic and performance changes, and gain access to the Pro Racing events, created specifically for the enthusiasts of riding competitions. Once you buy the modification, the customization menu will adapt itself, allowing you to change your race number and other selected aesthetic details, including three exclusive race liveries for each model.

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