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Announcing Team vs Team events


The Team vs Team events are a completely new feature we added in Ride 2 that will make the most of the potential of the Virtua Riders we talked about last week. This type of race can be selected from a dedicated menu, completely detached from the career, that will contain the list of the teams to play against and climb the ranking.

However, before anything else, you can create your own team, choosing both a “right-hand man” and another two teammates from the Virtua Riders of your friends. For those without an online connection, this gaming experience will still be possible because we added several default profiles with variable skills. It will then be possible to start from the bottom of the ranking and challenge opponent teams in as many races, trying to obtain the best results and get to the top of the leaderboard.

In order to distinguish the several competitions, we assigned a specific style to each one of the 10 opponent teams: this will allow players to race against nakeds fans, two-stroke experts, Ducati lovers, and so on. You can also customise your own team, give it a name and make it truly unique.

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