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Turn up the volume!


One of the most frequent feedbacks about the first Ride game was connected with the overall quality of the sound effects used for the bikes. For the game’s sequel, together with our partners, we studied a more effective recording system, which will return a much more realistic in-game audio. Ride-2-Kawasaki-H2R-1 After finding the most suitable dynamometer and the right location, our partners set up a series of specific microphones at the bike’s most “strategic points”, such as the exhaust engine, air filter and clutch. A separate track was developed for every single element in order to produce the best mix for each bike. The aim is actually to capture the distinctive tone of each specific model: the twin engine of the BMWs, the racing exhaust or the dry clutch of the Ducatis are just some of the details that we wanted to highlight with an improved audio sampling. Ride-2-Kawasaki-H2R-2 Ride-2-Kawasaki-H2R-4

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