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Wet tracks


With the addition of the wet conditions for all new tracks, Ride 2 makes a further step forward in offering the most complete virtual riding experience ever, adding some thrill and skills to the gameplay. Some of the races in the wet will available in the Career mode, but you can also race on wet tracks in the free mode: just select the “rain” option from the track selection menu and you will put yourself to the test under heavy rain, with instant changing of the grip between the tyres and the road surface. In order to make the racing experience as realistic as possible, the Milestone team worked closely with Pirelli and Metzeler in studying official grip curve data. On a wet track, the system will automatically mount the most suitable compounds to offer the best grip even under extreme weather conditions. An absolutely new feature in Ride 2, the wet tracks provide an amazing level of challenge: this autumn you are invited to find the most extreme combination of track, bike and setting for some great fun on wet tracks! Ride-2-wet-track-5 Ride-2-wet-track-6

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