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All the asphalt you need


To race, two wheels are not enough: you also need long stretches of asphalt where you can put yourself to the test.
In RIDE 2 we worked hard to broaden your selection of circuits, both in terms of quantity and quality, providing you with a wider choice of tracks and disciplines. Particularly, we dedicated special attention to the Supermoto bikes, an absolute novelty in this sequel, that will have up to three dedicated licensed tracks, and freedom to use the bikes dedicated to other circuits.

And that’s not all. The road racing feature has been refreshed with new content: Northwest 200 and Ulster GP will make all motorcycle fans relive some of the most popular and amazing competitions of all time.
Overall, RIDE 2 will have more than 30 tracks, for a total of almost 60 different circuits, including variants, that can be challenged either individually or within a career specifically studied to offer more variety and an improved feeling of progress.

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